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Yinnong Jia

Visiting Scholar

Notable Publications:

Yang T, Gao W, Ma X, Liu Q, Pang P, Zheng Y, Jia Y, Zheng C. A review on the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease of Flaviviridea viruses infection. Viruses, 2024;16:365. doi:10.3390/v16030365.

Wu J, Yuan S, Jiang Y, Jia Y, Ji C, Tan Z, Shi W, Peng Z. Alendronate-derived carbon dots for bioimaging and effective osteoblastic differentiation induction and promotion. Diamond Relat Mater, 2023;140:110571.

Jiang Y, Tan Z, Zhao T, Wu J, Li Y, Jia Y, Peng Z. Indocyanine green-derived carbon dots with significantly enhanced properties for efficient photothermal therapy. Nanoscale, 2023;15(4):1925-1936.

Ma X, Jia Y, Yuan J, Tang Q, Gao W, Zhou G, Yang R, Pang W, Zheng C. Inhibiting cardiac autophagy suppresses Zika virus replication. J Med Virol, 2023;95:e28483.

Gao Y, Jia Y, Yu Z, Ji X, Liu X, Han L, Zhang H, Zhu B, Xu M. Analysis of the differential expression and prognostic relationship of DEGs in AML based on TCGA database. Eur J Med Res, 2023;28:103.

Tan Z, Sun W, Li Y, Jiao X, Zhu M, Zhang J, Qing C, Jia Y. Current progress of EMT: a new direction of targeted therapy for colorectal cancer with invasion and metastasis. Biomolecules, 2022;12:1273.

Tan Z, Huang H, Sun W, Li Y, Jia Y. Current progress of ferroptosis study in ovarian cancer. Front Mol Biosci, 2022;9:966007.

Jia Y, Zhang W, Fan W, Brusnahan S, Garrison J. Investigation of the biological impact of charge distribution on a NTR1-targeted peptide. Bioconjug Chem, 2016;27(11):2658-2668.

Jia Y, Shi W, Zhou Z, Wagh N, Fan W, Brusnahan S, Garrison J. Evaluation of DOTA-chelated neurotensin analogs with spacer-enhanced biological performance for neurotensin-receptor-1-positive tumor targeting. Nucl Med Biol, 2015;42(11):816-823.

Yinnong Jia
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