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Qinghe Wu

Visiting PhD Student

Notable Publications:

Wu Q, Zhang Y, Jia G, et al. A sequential dual-locked strategy with pH-responsive activation of photosensitizers and precise Cerenkov radiation delivery for cancer theranostics. Nano Today, 2023;52:101984.

Wu Q, Hou M, Zhang P, et al. Self-cascade nanohybrids boost cell ferroptosis stress for tumor radiosensitization therapy. Appl Mater Today, 2022;29:101558.

Wang F, Wu Q, Jia G, et al. Black phosphorus/MnO2 nanocomposite disrupting bacterial thermotolerance for efficient mild-temperature photothermal therapy. Adv Sci, 2023;10(30):2303911.

Wang F, Wu Q, Zhang C, et al. Ultrasmall MnOx nanodots catalyze glucose for reactive oxygen species-dependent sequential anti-infection and regeneration therapy. Small Struct, 2024;5(1):2300198.

Qinghe Wu
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